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Brewed Vinegar means a product obtained by alcoholic and acetic acid fermentation of any suitable medium such as fruits, malt (brewed exclusively from malted barley or other cereals), molasses, Jaggary, Sugar Cane juice etc. with or without addition of caramel and spices. It shall not be fortified with acetic acid.

Unlike the English etymology of “vin aigre”, which stands for "sour wine", Old Mature Vinegar has a formula that uses honey and black plum as the main raw materials at the beginning.

Mature Vinegar is brewed with carefully-selected sorghum using the traditional solid-state fermentation process.

Gift vinegar is fermented and brewed with high-nutrient raw materials, which can enrich the product line, subdivide the raw materials and fermentation process, and thus increase the added value of the product. Gift vinegar can not only cater to the market, but also bring profits to the enterprise.

In addition, our company also produces Mature Vinegar Oral Liquid for sale. We continue to enrich vinegar-related products and increase the added value of vinegar.
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