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I have searched google for "3D game engines for homebrew 3ds" and "How to render 3d on the 3ds" etc. etc. and nothing comes up. The only thing I have to go off of for 3d are some engines built with C, found on GitHub.

I've wanted to try to see if there are any 3ds Game Engines, specifically 3d. There's Unity for 3ds, but I don't use Unity and I'm not sure if that is outdated or not, or whether the 3ds is even capable of running small Unity Games on it. There's Godot on 3ds, but the project has been abandoned and the creator is gone.

Theres LuaPlayerPlus but that's last been updated in 2016 only with "Basic 3D Rendering" and aswell as that, its programmed in Lua of all things.

There seems to be no real 3D game engines, there are 2D game engines though, so if making a 3D game comes down to using libraries and C++, I guess that's fine (just found out cpp3ds was also last updated a long time ago).

I hope this is not a stupid question but I am just curious if any actual 3D engine for the 3DS exists that is still being updated or at least is still functional. Maybe are there some engines that aren't updated, but I could update the libraries myself?
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